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What is FreeImagesLive

FreeImagesLive allows photographers and illustrators to easily share, showcase and promote their photography and artworks. Our platform features tools that allow photographers and designers to get the most from Creative Commons stock images.


So what is different about freeimages?

There are lots of websites where you can upload, share images, create portfolios etc; Target Audience is difference...

We started freeimageslive specifically as a platform to promote our own website and photography work by leveraging creative commons licenses, blogging and social media. Having proven success ourselves we realised we had created a promotion tool we could easily share with other photographers. Working together we provide a better service to image users and develop new ideas as well as promoting each others work.

Have a look at the images below, or any of the images on the site and you'll see each image page is structured to benefit the photographer - if you are comparing sites to share your work on, you might want to check:

  • Each image page has the option of linking to your website (twice in our case) and your portfilio page (3x!)

  • Images maintain your embedded copyright metadata - download the preview image or the full size photo and you'll find metadata the photographer added still completely intact

  • Clearly defined license requirements so visitors understand how to use and attribute your images


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More Benefits of using FreeImages


It's Free

You never pay a penny; just a small amount of your time and some promotional images to get started


Search Engine Optimized

Everything we do is designed to make your Images more visible.

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Easy Uploads

Images with embedded metadata (IPTC) are automatically described and tagged.


Personal RSS Feeds

Syndicate preview versions of images direct to users, other websites or services.

Community Blogs

Create custom posts featuring of your favorite images as a showcase or promotional 'business card' landing page. show me

Social Marketing

We regularly highlight our favorite photos on twitter, facebook and our mailing list. If we like it we post it, get posted! find us on facebook.

Creative Commons

Images are licensed for use around an industry standard, simple to understand system. creative commons license

We Can Help

Constructive feedback in our image approval process, + community lead support.

Safe & Moderated

We review everything before it goes live - you're in good company.
Our favorite images get extra promotion on the site. show me

Promote Yourself

Customize your profile with links to let users know how you work, who you are and where they can find out more...

Audience Awaits

1000's of regular site users are waiting to see your work



Exclusive Images For Registered Members

Download from a Growing Collection of 1000+ Extra images available only to Site Members

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