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why uploadSome photographers are horrified by the idea of giving their images away, but they are missing the many good reasons for doing this, self promotion, SEO and gaining feedback and advice metrics are just a few. This is especially helpful for amateur and beginning photographers who are learning the stock photography industry or just to feel the satisfaction of having their photography published by others.

Sites like flickr allow you to do this under a creative commons license, and many photographers do share their work. But these sites mostly prohibit the inclusion of links along side your images. At freeimageslive we actively encourage you to include links in your profile which are shown with each image. This will allow potential image users or buyers to see your more of your work. You can link to and include:

  • A personal photo gallery
  • A sales pitch for your work on a microstock site (including affiliate links etc)
  • Your own personal image related sales site, prints, products etc
  • Photography, creativity related or personal blog
  • Just include your contact details (if you are brave!)
  • Link to nothing and just recieve feedback on your work and knowledge that someone is enjoying your images.

linking You also have the option of including an individual link with each image which can link to any of the above, for the net savvy this link can the tailored to your own requirements by entering custom HTML code. More on adding links to your images and profile in our photographer linking policy.


photographer profileget your images seen Placing images on freeimageslive allows them to be used online by 1000's of designers who visit the site daily; potentially getting your images in front of millions of people (if your image proves popular is well used). Each image used by someone is required to include a link back to your photo page which includes a selection of details that you can customise.


attract potential buyers It's surprising how many internet users use search engines to find images that they need to use in a design, the often want to use them for free, when confronted with the requirement for a link or text attribution they often to ask the author how they can use the images without the link. Freeimageslive helps streamline this process by helping you show your work to as many people as you can. Getting your work seen is the most important marketing tool of an online photographer, even if you are not currently selling your work, it's a great feeling to know that so many people are making use of your photography.


image analytics pageadd images to the collection and benefit Uploading just one image will mean your work and any links you include can be seen by google and other search engines, the more images you upload the more pages on this site that the engines and all of our visitors will see and the more popular you work will become. Our search features and popular image lists direct visitor to the best quality and most relevant images. Visitors to the site can rate and comment on your images, and you can see all the results in your "my images" control panel, from which you have full control to edit or delete your photos as needed.


Remember we are looking for quality, usable images, we accept most types of photography, but in general are more likely to accept stock style images, landscapes, flowers, travel and graphic / illustrated subjects these are what our users want the most. Please see our acceptance guide for further details.

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