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London 2012 Olympic Image Ideas

Be you sports fanatic or arm-chair critic of the games organisation, the Olympic Games are almost here!

Here's a selection of free images and gallery links to help you depict the event...

London 2012 


Emergency and Rescue Stock Images

We've updated our Emergency and Rescue stock image gallery, view all the new images here.

Office and Business Stock Images

A fresh new update to our office and business stock image gallery.

We've added more than 100 new images including various office objects, management and business concepts. 

Earth Day Stock Images

Earth day is 22nd April 2012 - Here are a few free stock image ideas with engery and environmental themes:


Easter Images Update

New Images added to our Easter stock images gallery, here's a few samples:

Freeimages Team Kiva Update 2012

As some of you may already know we have been donating our advertising revenue to kiva microloans for the past couple of years. In July we welcomed dreamstime as a main advertiser to the site (and we'd like to thank them for their support, without the income they bring the site would not be able to continue running).

New Gallery: Relaxation and Tranquility

New Photo Category: 45 free images - Relax with a soothing massage, enjoy tranquil landscapes and serene natural beauty, feed the spirit with zen contemplation or just sit back with a favourite book and loose yourself.

Site Update

Over the past few weeks you might have noticed we've been busy updating with a new look and some improvements to our image search features. We have started displaying images from dreamstime in our sidebar: as well as 11 million commercial images dreamstime also have an extensive collection of 200,000 free stock photos.

Freeimages Team Kiva Update

As some of you may already know we have been donating our advertising revenue to kiva microloans for the past couple of years.

This year we have been able to loan a further $125 in assistance to worthy causes.


Kiva - loans that change lives

1000 Free Stock Images for Site Members

We've added a further 500 free stock photos to our exclusive for site members collection; bringing the total to 1000 images, more than 1GB of free downloads.
You can access the images by in the members area
The gallery contains more than 250 backgrounds and textures including natural, grunge, patterns, water, urban; plus almost 750 stock images covering environmental issues, outdoors, transport and landmarks, light and colour, urban, technology and grunge subjects.

Exclusive Images For Registered Members

Download from a Growing Collection of 1000+ Extra images available only to Site Members

concept empty  abstract lights  desk and coffee  red brush stroke  sunset sailing and travel

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