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tilt shift maker

Tiltshiftmaker.com is a free website that allows you crate an effect similar to that produced using a tilt shift lens (the wrong way). It allows you modify a suitable image to make it appear to have a narrow depth of field; this fools the eye into thinking that the image is of a model or miniature subject. The best way to understand it is to look at the samples below or some of the sample images in the tiltshiftmaker website.

Not all images are suitable, if you could fake the effect with any image then there would be no need for the lens. It works best with images that already have small subjects, aerial photos or those taken from buildings, images of architecture also seem to work well, the only way really to know is to give it a try.

We tried it on a few of our images, it was as simple of cutting and pasting from the “copy image location” of our preview photos into tilstshitmaker to give it a test. As an alternative you can try out some of their sample images, browse a gallery of images other people have 'miniaturised' or upload a photo from your own computer. Here's the results from a couple of images from freeimageslive:

Lincoln by fmanto

View original image by contributor fmanto


Golf course by fmanto

View original image by contributor fmanto


If you create some convincing looking miniatures from your own photos then feel free to share them with other users in our photographers area



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