Summer Gardens

The summer season is almost here, time to tidy the garden, trim the borders and prepare for a summer of warm evenings and "outdoor living"... If the summer weather lets us that is.

alternatively, and perhaps a bit more realistically, have a look at some of our photos tagged rain!


4299   Daisies 3673-Rose 3672-Park Bench II 4292   Exotic Butterfly
9859   Raking soil for planting 2148-floral stocks 9852   Man preparing a seedbed in the garden 9861   Pair of garden secateurs
2838-cottage garden flowerbed 2841-country garden flowers 3675-Flower Closeup 8276   Cottage kitchen with a garden view
2057-September_2008_184.JPG 9853   Pair of old leather gardening gloves 5288   Rose 4262   Garden 1
9840   Neatly manicured potted topiary tree 9847   Man planting seeds in a spring garden 9832   rose flower 10947   Three hanging pink fuschia flowers
4259   Clouds 2 119-park_land_picnic3174.jpg 9836   Grey squirrel eating seeds in a garden 6771   Bandstand or garden gazebo
10548   Transplanted Into God's Own Garden 6539   flowers 9855   garden hose 9868   Watering a seedbed with a watering can


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