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 Low Angle View of Tall Bare Forest Trees Towering Above Toward Cloudy Sky

 Macro image of an assortment of pretty pink alpine flowers

 Harmful acid rain caused when emission compounds combine with the water molecules to form precipitation high in hydrogen, or acid, falling on the canopies of trees

 waves crashing against a rough foreboding coastline

 Detail of the opening fronds of a fern in a woodland setting. Intentional shallow depth of field

 Beautiful and Tranquil Orange and Purple Sunset Over Deserted Beach with Dramatic Waves Rushing onto Shore

 Walkway alongside a rural fence and green grassy embankment disappearing into the mist and rain with ghostly trees in the distance, conceptual of changing weather patterns due to global warming

 a line of sun loungers and still blue water, great barrier reef, australia

 stormy planes, clouds above newzealand's south island near lake wanaka

 Close up detail with shallow DOF of a purple thistle flower over a dark background

 Sunbeams shining through a hole in the dense cloud cover in a stormy grey sky throwing diagonal rays onto the silhouetted hills below

 a frosty winter scene, a brown oak leaf covered in ice crystals

 line of clouds cover the remarkables mountain range, newzealand

 looking out of the car on a wet and miserable weekend

 Scenic landscape view of lush rolling green hills in the English countryside with sunlight breaking through morning mist and cloud

 Silhouette of a hawk gliding overhead with its wings outstretched to show the full wingspan with sun flare

 View from a summit with a pocket of late snow of a Welsh mountain landscape with peaks disappearing into the distance on a clear sunny blue sky day

 Colorful orange autumn bracken on a forest floor marking the changing of the seasons in a scenic nature landscape

 Fine delicate wild grasses growing in a meadow on a misty wet day, selective focus to the inflorescence

 Nature Detail of Frozen Plant Seed Head Covered in Icy Frost, Shot in Cool Blue Lighting at Change of Season in Autumn or Winter

 Full frame background texture of frosty brown autumn leaves lying on the ground after a cold winter night

 Low angle view against a blue sunny sky of flowering summer grasses with feathery fronds in a nature background

 View from below looking up of assorted tropical trees framing a blue sky with central copyspace in a travel and summer vacation concept

 Rainy woodland with glistening water droplets beading on the green pine needles against a misty atmospheric background

 classic v shared valley with rocky hillsides and a lake in the distance

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