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When we launched the community side of freeimages at (where photographers and designers can share their work with images users and other designers), it was one of our unofficial goals to eventually be able to share advertising revenue across our contributor community – to say thank you for sharing your images.


This years ad revenue was somewhat less than we planned, doing the sums would have made each photographers payout tiny (as we expected to be the case at first), so this year we are giving the profit we made on selling ad space to worthy causes.


Kiva - loans that change lives

To this end we have just launched a kiva micro loan team at We have already loaned the freeimageslive ad revenue and more than doubled the amount to make a second loan (like we said the ads did not make much last year! – hopefully every little helps).


We know that at this time of year most people are not exactly feeling flushed with spare money, but if you are a kiva member, or if you have not heard of them or microloans before now then we urge you to at least read about it. Kiva are one of the few organisations were every penny of your loan is used to help someone in need. You can also help indirectly without spending anything by supporting either kiva or freeimageslive, by linking, tweeting or some of several other options we have listed on our support freeimages page.


I love the Kiva idea and it seems a great way to use the modest advertising revenue to make potentially great changes for some people.

Thank you for putting up such a great sharing of images.

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