Photographer Linking Policy

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Uploading to this site is designed to benefit both you and everyone who visits

With this in mind we actively encourage you to link your profile or the description field of your images to a website of your choosing, this may be, but is not limited to:

  • a personal profile, website, blog, twitter feed etc
  • another gallery site where you have more images
  • an affiliate link to your images on a microstock site where you are selling your work
  • almost anything photo or design related that is not included in the list below...


We will accept a profile text, descriptions and links to any site provided they are NOT

  • misleading, a scam, or a link that is not in the good faith of 'freeimages'
  • illegal in nature, contains stolen images or other peoples intellectual propety
  • adult or otherwise unsavoury in, including typical spam sites like medical enhancements etc
  • is unrelated to yourself, your work or your photography

You can either include the link as text which will automatically be converted into a link for the convenience of visitors, or you can include an html a tag <a href="">my title</a> where you can specify the title and location.

More tips for linking to your images on freeimageslive

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