New Images: Gardening & DIY

Two new galleries of the favourite british leisure time activities...

Man planing a length of wood by hand using a handheld plane with an adjustable blade in a DIY and renovation concept

Man holding two cards with sample paint color swatches in grey and blue hues in his hand as he makes a decision on the interior decorating and renovation of his home

Two woodworking chisels with different sized steel blades lying side by side on a blue background with fresh wood shavings

Painters brush for interior decorating with a wooden handle lying diagonally on a green background with copyspace

Man wearing a boot digging with a green metal garden shovel in the soil pushing down with his foot

Neat rows of young vegetable seedlings sprouting in spring planted out in the soil of a vegetable garden or allotment

Man painting an exterior timber building with creosote paint rich in phenols and creosols as a preservative and disinfectant for the wood

Watering the garden with a watering can with a close up view of the spout and nozzle with a spray of water

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59 new images of gardening, planting and watering:

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