Linking to your photographer profile

A quick tip for photographers who contribute their images to this site

we offer a range of ways for you to link to your profile from an external site:

Note that you need to substitute your user name (login name) were shown in the urls below



Your photographer profile page can be seen at<yourusername>


An 'html feed' of your most recent images is located at<yourusername>



Your RSS Feeds
you can also use the following rss feeds to display your most recent images on another website or software that can read an RSS feed<yourusername>/feed


your blog feed:




You can use the rss feeds to include a series of your latest images in a blog or website. At present we do not provide code for doing this directly, you can use the recent_images feed above with many different blogging platforms and website software to add a sidebar of 'my latest images' - this is often described as 'aggregating another rss feed' or including a 'news feed'.




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