Seeing Something Extra-Ordinary Out of the Ordinary

Submitted by cespeta on 20 March, 2014 - 23:02

I started being a local writer, basically and maybe just to express my deep emotions. I am very sensitive, emotional, expressive and instinctive that at times I put a deeper meaning of something that I see, feel or hold. When I stopped writing, I felt like I took away something that is a part of me. Then a lot of adversities come my way. I started to ask a lot of questions that can't be answered, I have gone through some depths to find an answer. So I came across the idea of meditation. I started it not quite seriously, but along the way I feel like something different when I meditate, a feeling of rejuvenation deep inside right after, but that same feeling of burden and fears resurrect when I meet challenges everyday, so I made a commitment to pursue my spiritual awakening. Slowly, this awakening is making me more observant and sensitive to every aspect of my life and those around me. Most of all, it opens the door for me to realize my oneness with nature. I feel like they are me and I am them. It's like the leaves and flowers are telling me something, wanting to show me something, trying to manifest something before my eyes. And one day while I went for a drive just to reconnect with nature, I brought with me my rather cheap digital cam and taking some pics of the ordinary flowers that people don't really mind looking at or even touch.

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