Inspirations comes along with the Photographs at the break of Dawn

Submitted by snerfu on 15 December, 2012 - 18:18

I like to start everyday with some pictures. Of course every photographer's favorite is the sunrise. I would like to share with you the kind of moving ideas that spurred my photography to greater heights.

Colors: Whenever I see colors, I get so excited, I reach for the camera! Most of the people pause to watch a sunrise or the colors of the sunset without knowing why or even caring. It is one beautiful thing that will always be there, for you and me and for the curious photographer.

Huge Things: If I come across things which are humungous I get awed. I also get the itch to get it onto the picture frame. Dams, rivers and airplanes from close up, do things to me that is so fantastic. 

Arrangements: Flowers, colors and people taking part in a show sometimes come up with formations that are so neat and chic. I do hope to get some to put in the blog for you.

I hope you enjoy the pictures which I agree are not too good but it is also not bad for a beginner. If you think I could improve in some way, please let me know.




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